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As well as our exciting projects, within the site you will find other resources to assist you in your understanding of the movie business here in Australia:

Current projects with active real-world examples of our current investments.

New pipeline of high-quality independent projects which have been evaluated by our team. Future Projects we have lined up. Some of which are totally open for full investment whilst others require a small gap to close the project.

ATO information and relevant links for your accountant’s review. Financial Planner resource links and a typical template of movie investment cycles. You will also find an overall structure on how the industry works with actors looking to invest, business owners, producers or others looking to ‘re-invest’ their services into a project.

For access to the site and under the ASIC guidelines you must either self-certify your ability to be an investor as a ‘sophisticated investor’ or you may also nominate your accountant / financial planner to access the portals on your behalf.

We are also happy to talk you through the first steps over the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Executive Producer?

There are differing roles of “Producers”. The main Producer (Helm Producer) is the driving force of a project. Threaded all the components of a project together as the project develops. An “Associate Producer” is someone who might assist with peripheral items such as locations / vehicles or even be on the team but assist the Helm Producer in an administration role.

The Executive Producer is quite literally ‘the money’.  Either someone who brings in the funds via third party contacts / clients; or someone who invests their own money themselves.

The Executive Producers Club has been created to tear away some of the barriers, mystery and confusion about investing in a movie.

Within our website, you will find template models on how the typical investment cycle works. There are examples of actual existing projects which are live on streamers or launching soon. There are future projects which have been selected to go to the funding rounds for investors reviews.

How did we get started?

Did you know that the Australian Government has created tax incentives which allow you to invest in a movie and use your tax debt as an investor ‘safety net’.

There are mechanisms within the ATO which allow you to claim:

  • tax relief on annual income tax
  • tax relief on the capital sale of an asset
  • tax relief on previous years’ tax liabilities

Your accountant may not know about these mechanisms because they are not readily used by accountants / financial planners every day.

Once we began to understand the investment cycles, and the ability to take ‘dead’ tax dollars and turn them into ‘active’ investment dollars with the potential for profit down the track; we simply added the movie investment portfolio to our other investments such as property, shares and superannuation.

We also felt the restrictions in the construction industry for the last few years meant we needed to look at alterative revenue sources in growth industries.

The Federal Government has mandated a minimum quota for streamers such as Netflix and Disney to create or buy content made in Australia to the value of 10% of the overall sales budget.  This means there is an active driving force to create more content as a supply line to this legislated demand.