• GENRE: Action / Thriller
  • PITCH: SWAT meets Inside Man
  • DIRECTOR: Strom Ashwood
  • PRODUCERS: Tim Maddocks and Victoria Fleri
  • LEAD CAST: Being confirmed (Elsa Patakay)
  • Pitch Deck: Click here
  • Budget: $5.5m
  • Film Date: 2024
  • Released Date: TBA

This project came to us with a one pager pitch deck and a modest draft of a script.  Works began on refining the script and enhance the story arc and character depths. An investor was approached for $500k of the $3.3m cash required to make the movie in combination with the government contributions and offsets.  The investor proposed an alternative scenario of profit splits to the standard template. The investor proposed he would invest the full $3.3m on the basis that his return would be 100% profit margin before production splits would occur. Whilst this was a highly irregular request a deal memo was signed by the directors and shareholders of the company to accommodate this request as a ‘best cost in place’.   Alex and Victoria Fleri have since sold their shares in this production and remain only as Executive Producers in the credits, having done the groundwork to organise the structure of the movie.